Night cloth nappy

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On average, each child will use a staggering amount of 6,500 disposable nappies before they are toilet trained. Each of those nappies will also take around 500 years to decompose. Just to put that into further perspective, the first disposable nappy ever created and thrown away, still exists in landfill today. There's no argument that the amount of waste we are generating is taking a huge toll on our planet and that waste is only increasing as the world's population does. By investing in cloth and using just one cloth nappy in your daily changing cycle, will replace around 900 disposables from ending up in landfill over time. 


The most absorbent nappy option from the Baby Beehinds range. Suitable for overnight use or during the day on babies that tend to be heavier wetters. Side snapping allows waist and leg settings to be fastened independently for a perfect fit. Each nappy includes two long inserts which snap onto the front and back of the nappy. Inserts can be customised to be fitted where baby needs them most. (Generally, at the front for boys and in the middle for girls)


80% organic cotton / 20% polyester inner 


Medium 5-11kg

Large 10.5kg-16kg

X-Large 16kg-22kg


To avoid smelly nappies, rinse them first thing in the morning to remove any excess urine. Remove soaker pad, rinse and place in a nappy bucket (dry pail.) Put nappies in a machine and do a pre-rinse cycle before washing them in warm water with detergent. 

Line or tumble dry on low only. 

Maximum absorbency will be reached after 8+washes. 

For any further information or support on cloth, please feel free to reach out via the contact us page. We're here to help.