The Astrology of You and Me, Gary Goldschnieder

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How to understand and improve every relationship in your life. Steer your life by the stars – and make all your relationships sparkle! What's the best way to deal with a Taurus boss? Or an Aries roommate? Or a Virgo mother? The Astrology of You and Me is a valuable guide to understanding every relationship in your life – from your parents and siblings to friends, lovers, spouses, children, coworkers and more. With chapters organised by sign, this easy-to-navigate reference offers practical and specific advice on making astrology work for you.

Learn how to: Impress a Libra on a first date Ask a Sagittarius for a raise, share an apartment with a Leo, discipline a Scorpio child, survive the holidays with a Gemini, break up with an Aquarius, make a sales pitch to a Capricorn and much more!

Format: Hardback