Folktales for Fearless Girls, Sayalero Myriam

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Heroines save the day in this empowering collection of folktales from around the world, perfect for fans of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. 

Curses can be broken. Riddles to be solved. Kings favour to be won. These are the standard stories we've heard in folktales and fables for as long as we can remember - challenges faced and overcome by princes and knights in shining armor.

In Folktales for Fearless Girls, though, we see a different set of heroes charge across the page. In fact, we see heroines. 

Wily women and clever girls, valiant queens and brave villagers - these are the people to save the day in this collection of folktales from around the world and across the ages. 

Long before J.K. Rowling brought us Hermione Granger, well before Katniss Everdeen entered the arena, these fierce protagonists were the role models for strong girls through the ages. 

Format: Hardback