Mini flower press 'Wattle'

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Mini sized 'Wattle' flower press.

Flowers blossom and wither but their beauty can be eternalised. Sow n’ Sow’s hand-crafted flower press allows your flowers, blossoms & flora to be preserved to become works of art.

Simply pick your pretty blooms from the garden, arrange them on the sheets of cardboard provided & tighten the nuts. Leave the blooms for 3-4 weeks then use your beautiful dried posies to adorn gift cards, picture frames or whatever your heart desires.

Featuring a beautiful illustration by Daniella Germain on the front, each press is hand crafted in Australia out of hard-wearing materials to ensure stable pressure & long-lasting use.




Engraved top and bottom MDF backing boards, 5 recycled cardboard separating layers, nuts and bolts.

Handmade in Australia.