Little Explorer boots, cognac brown

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With a flexible sole and comfortable fit, this boot by BabyMocs has fast become a favourite for many little feet!

These boots are perfect for busy little explorers and feature a side zipper for an easy put-on experience.

Made from 100% vegan leather that comes from the waste products of a pineapple!

The sole is made from natural rubber and the lining of the boot is granular velvet eco nylon fabric. 


Size 19 - 12.6cm

Size 20 - 13.3cm

Size 21 - 14.0cm

Size 22 - 14.7cm

Size 23 - 15.4cm

Size 24 - 16.1cm

Size 25 - 16.8cm

Size 26 - 17.5cm

Size 27 - 18.2cm

Size 28 - 18.9cm

Size 29 - 19.6cm

Size 30 - 20.3cm

*Please measure your child's foot before measuring. 


BabyMocs is Scandinavia's first vegan children's shoe and accessories brand founded in Sweden. 

While trying to contribute to creating a better and more sustainable planet for our children, BabyMocs also serves another purpose through leading a project  employing homeless people to help with packing orders and in other manual labour rolls within the company.

Thank you for choosing BabyMocs at Little Birdie Trading - for choosing climate kind practices for the future and for helping people to get back up onto their feet again. 

*Styled image @clan_of_mine