Cotton canopy, tan

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Bring warmth, sophistication and charm into any space with these beautiful cotton canopies by Australian designer Pop Ya Tot.

Made from soft, wrinkled poly-cotton, these canopies will add extra whimsy and help to create a calming place for the sweetest of dreams. Pop Ya Tot canopies are pre-washed to increase softness and we use premium fabrics to ensure longevity. Long fabric loops ensure easily installation with a simple ceiling hook.


265cm length x 55cm hoop diameter.


Gentle hand wash.


Keep out of reach of newborns & infants to ensure they can not pull on the canopy. We do not recommend hanging a canopy above where a newborn or infant sleeps. Any images displayed by us showing canopies hanging above sleeping spaces are for styling & decorative purposes only.

Follow the SIDS Safe Sleeping Guidelines for the latest evidence-based advice on safe sleeping environments for babies. These guidelines are by Red Nose on how to keep your baby safe and reduce the risk of sudden infant death.