Christmas Eve potion pouch

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Christmas is such a magical time of the year, a time for family, for gratitude and for Christmas wishes. Use the Christmas Wishes potion pouch to make sure that Santa and his reindeer can find you on Christmas Eve.

This fun and cheerful potion making kit is for those wanting to create their own magical tradition this Christmas. The Christmas Wishes potion card is a way to give gratitude and thanks for the year past and make some wishes for the year ahead. The 'Call the Reindeer' potion will ensure Santa and his reindeer find you wherever you are. Watch the potion fizz and sparkle as the joy and excitement of Christmas morning sparks true magic in our hearts and minds.


  • 1 Potion Card - on one side is Call the Reindeer, a potion/spell to help guide Santa and his reindeer to you. The other side is a gratitude/reflection list where you can document a child's name, age, the year, one thing they are grateful for this year, something they are proud they achieved, something they are looking forward to next year and a Christmas wish for the year ahead.
  • 1 Linen cloth bag to hold your most precious and treasured jewels 

*Cauldron and play accessories are sold separately.


Adult supervision whilst playing with these kits including helping children to find the answers that they are seeking is essential. Potion kits are not recommended for children under the age of 5 years old. 

The kit contains small parts which may be a choking hazard for children under the age of 3. Please take care around small children.

All ingredients are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, though potions are not for consumption. 


Salt, citric acid, bicarb soda, essential oils, mica, bio glitter, coconut, dried flowers and herbs, food dyes clay, rice.