Charlie romper

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A sweet unisex style romper in classic oatmeal striped linen fabric. Designed in Australia by Blue Daisy and ethically crafted in the Phillipines. The romper has snap buttons at the bottom for easy nappy changes. 

Perfect for layering in the cooler months with a chunky knit and tights and stripped back in the Summer.

Made from 100% linen fabric.

Designed in Australia, made ethically in the Phillipines. 


NB: Length 25cm

0-3 months: Length 27cm

3-6 months: Length 30cm

6-12 months: Length 33cm

1 year: Length 39cm

2 years: Length 42cm

3 years: Length 45cm 

Made from 100% linen fabric 
There are so many benefits to linen fabric and clothing. It’s durable and easy to care for as well as hypoallergenic.
Linen breathes easily which prevents the build up of moisture and bacteria that can irritate your skin.
It’s also an incredibly sustainable choice, the flax plant in which the fabric is made from is tolerant to poor quality soil and requires very little water.
It also breaks down freely and easily back into the earth after your finished with it, making it a 100% biodegradable, circular and natural resource. 

Blue Daisy focus' on wearability and timeless quality design to last for generations to come.