100% natural wool cover

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On average, each child will use a staggering amount of 6,500 disposable nappies before they are toilet trained. Each of those nappies will also take around 500 years to decompose. Just to put that into further perspective, the first disposable nappy ever created and thrown away, still exists in landfill today. There's no argument that the amount of waste we are generating is taking a huge toll on our planet and that waste is only increasing as the world's population does. By investing in cloth and using just one cloth nappy in your daily changing cycle, will replace around 900 disposables from ending up in landfill over time. 


Made from 100% natural wool fibres, these covers from Baby Beehinds are designed to be worn over the top of cloth nappies to increase absorbency. Wool can hold up to 3x it's weight without feeling wet! They work perfectly when teamed with the overnight nappy. Super stretchy and comfortable to wear, helping baby (and everyone else) to get the best night's sleep possible. 


100% Australian merino wool 

Natural wool is not only super absorbent but is also very good at regulating and maintaining optimal body temperature making it suitable throughout both Summer and Winter seasons. These natural wool covers will keep baby cool and ventilated all through the night and help to eliminate the risk of nappy rash and bacteria.


Medium 5-10kg

Large 8kg-15kg


Requires seperate washing to other cloth nappies with Wool Wash or similar gentle laundry detergent. Hand wash, gently pull back into shape and dry flat in the shade.

For any further information or support on cloth, please feel free to reach out via the contact us page. We're here to help.