Cuddly white goose, large (pre-order)

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The Senger cuddly goose is not only a soft and natural plush friend for life but also doubles as a gentle heat bag for children. He has a removable pillow filled with spelt chaft which can be placed in the oven to heat or in the fridge to cool. Once the desired temperature has been reached, simply place back inside the zippered pouch. Perfect for cold winter nights or when someone needs a heat or cold pack, he acts as a cuddly blanket.

Features an organic outer layer and pure lambswool filling with a cotton beak and feet. A beautiful classic and one of Senger's most loved. 


80cm X 69cm X 17cm

WARNING! Fire danger, do not heat pillow in the microwave, only suitable for warming in the oven due to fire risk. 

About the Brand

The Senger manufactory was founded 30 years ago by Sabine and Volker Senger. Loving handwork, sensitivity to the quality of workmanship, high demands on the quality of the materials used and sustainability have since become deeply anchored into their principles.

Good, robust and pollution-free, Senger products are not just cuddly toys, they are a piece of really good, authentic and loving handcraft with great sensitivity for the level of processing and the quality of the selected materials.

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*Available to pre-order for an August delivery