100% French flax linen wrap, coral

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Made from 100% French flax linen, 7pm Linen wraps are an essential item for any new mother.  Linen is lightweight, super absorbent, breathable and durable. It's also machine washable and only gets better with age and use.  

Use this wrap as a swaddle, a lightweight blanket, a towel, a play mat, a picnic rug, a burping cloth, a bassinet or cot sheet, measuring 120cmx120cm it really is super versatile. 


There are so many benefits to linen fabric and clothing. It’s durable and easy to care for as well as hypoallergenic. Linen breathes easily which prevents the build up of moisture and bacteria that can irritate your skin. 

It’s also an incredibly sustainable choice, the flax plant in which the fabric is made from is tolerant to poor quality soil and requires very little water. It also breaks down freely and easily back into the earth after your finished with it, making it a 100% biodegradable, circular and natural resource.